Top 10 International Travel Agencies in Beijing
Top 10 International Travel Agencies in Beijing

The Best 10 International Travel Agencies in Beijing

As one of the four ancient civilizations, China has stunning natural scenery and abundant cultural landscape. In this article, we selected Beijing’s 10 best travel agencies which can supply international services in term of international level, reviews of official agencies, service quality, public reputation and so on, hoping to give you as a reference for your traveling in China.

Top1. China International Travel Service Head Office
Founded in 1954, China International Travel Service Head Office is the largest, most powerful enterprise groups, travel agencies and the only tourism enterprises of “Top 500 Chinese enterprises” named by the National Bureau of Statistics. It has 14 overseas branches with the annual number of travelers of 1,800,000, owning the high brand value, prominent main business and the good reputation at home and abroad with its brand value as the first in the tourism.

Top 2. CYTS Holding Co., Ltd.
Ranking the second in the “national top 100 international travel agencies” in 1998-2006, the company has its powerful strength and highlight business with its management of inbound tourism and domestic tourism, outbound Chinese citizens at their own expense, and other tourism-related business owing 32 international Travel routes at the same time.

Top 3. Kang Hui of China Travel Agency Group Co., Ltd.
As one of the large travel agency group in China, Kang Hui has over 100 branch offices in many cities at home and know for its good and delicate service quality and unique line, in 2006, it has been a third consecutive World Brand Laboratory selected named “China’s most brand value of 500 enterprises” list.

Top 4. Beijing Jinjiang International Travel Co., Ltd.
As one of Chinese largest comprehensive travel enterprises group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Jingjiang, it has its core industry as hotel, catering services, tourism and passenger transport with its 8 divisions as hotel, passenger transport, tourism, real estate, food, finance, commerce, education, owning the registered capital RMB 2,000,000,000 and total assets amounts to RMB 16,500,000,000.

Top 5. China Travel Service Head Office
Established in Oct, 1949, it is China’s first and one of the largest travel agencies in China with many first in the tourism industry: The first to receive foreign tourists, the first reception of Taiwan compatriots, the first Chinese citizens overseas travel operators. After 50 years of development, it becomes the three major international travel agencies of incoming travelling, overseas travel and domestic travel industry of combining.

Top 6. CITIC Tourism Corporation
Set up in 1987 as a wholly owned subsidiary of China International Trust and Investment Corporation, CITIC has been ranked before 10 as China’s top 50 travel agents industry for many years and China’s top 50 travel agents industry with its sales of more than 4.6 billion each year. In the 22nd Spain international tourism, hotels and restaurant industry, it won the golden cow prize for its good service and also the fame as the “integrity of the first batch of travel agencies” recommended by the Beijing Tourism Bureau as well as one of the most trust-worthy agencies recommended to the public.

Top 7. China Travel International Travel Service Hong Kong Ltd.
Invested by the By the China Travel International Investment Hong Kong Limited and relying on the Hong Kong tour group in the brand around the world and more than 20 countries and regions in the network, Hong Kong Ltd has joined the Association and the Chinese travel agencies, travel agencies in Beijing Association, the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) and other domestic and foreign tourism organizations and become full membership in recent years.

Top 8. Transport Corporation into the 21st Century International Travel Service Co., Ltd.
As the first Sino-Japanese joint venture travel agency and the first Sino-foreign joint venture travel agency, it was founded by TB Corporation of China and CITIC Tourism Corporation jointly with its 2 main business aspects as inbound tourism business: to help foreign tourists to China, returned overseas Chinese, Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan compatriots back to the mainland tourism and the other is the domestic tourism business. to organize Chinese, Japanese and foreigners in China in the Chinese territory tourism for traveling.

Top 9. China Peace International Tourism Co., Ltd.
As a full member unit of China Travel Association and one of the top 100 international travel agencies as well as one of the top ten international travel agencies in Beijing, this company has business sectors including immigration tourist centre, outbound tourism centre, the domestic tourist centre, business council award centers, internet marketing center and the traffic ticketing centre with 30 more shops in Beijing.

Top 10. Chinese Women Travel Agent
Founded in 1986 by the China Women’s Federation with its headquarter set in Beijing, this agency has its branches in the major tourist cities across the country. Since its establishment, it provided services of special traveling including traveling, business fact-finding mission, international conferences taking, women’s work exchanges, summer (winter) the business and cultural exchanges, international adoption and family hunting tourism for nearly a million visitors at home and abroad as well as the guests from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.


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